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Morgan Ruitenbeek


Morgan Ruitenbeek

Tack Shop Manager

Western Riding Coach

Morgan Ruitenbeek Shop Manager/Western Riding Coach  "our Point Rider"

Morgan grew up owning horses from a young age. She began her equine career managing rodeo show barns and facilitating individualized lesson and training programs in southwestern Ontario.


After moving to the Ottawa area, Morgan and her family of four have continued to contribute toward their passion in horse back riding and care in the form of owning their own facility.  

In her free time, Morgan and her daughter compete across Ontario with various rodeo circuits including Rawhide Rodeo Company, Ram Rodeo Tour and Black Creek Rodeo.

Morgan brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things tack related. Her passion for teaching people how to ride correctly, and work toward their goals is inspiring. With a background in the education system, Morgan positively impacts the people she works with and meets for the better.


Morgan's Objective

Besides to help create "The Ultimate Wild Destination Shopping Experience for Horse Tack" is to work in an environment where her expertise is valued and she can take pride in helping to build the brand.


Morgan's Motto

“Act through empathy and compassion” 

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