Updated: Mar 8

Blog Article - Blankets - Jesse Anderson
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Updated: Mar 8

Here is a review of a product by one of our employees... Grace Lau

This product is amazing. The presentation is done so very well and creatively done as well. I love the variety of horsey snacks in the box. The horses really loved each and everyone of them. Their personal favorite is the grain cupcakes. They are so cute and fun, as well as delicious treats for our beloved horses.

The young lady who makes these amazing horse treats is a local resident of Stittsville and she is right on the mark with what appeals to both horse and horse lover!

You can get these amazing treats at the Tombstone Tack Shop.

She does custom orders as well! 🐴🍪🧁

Check her wares out on our artisan page.

🌵 www.tombstonetackshop.com 🌵

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Updated: Mar 8

You will be happy to know that we will be carrying this favorite product at the Tombstone Tack Shop

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