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Gary McLaren




Western Riding Coach 

Gary McLaren – Western Riding Coach                                    "our Ol' Timer"


G ary's knowledge and know how as it applies to western horseback riding is vast - he has many years experience horse training and rider coaching.  The Tombstone Tack Shop riding program is fortunate to have him join our team.

I started and trained the mare in this photo in 2010.


I started riding September 1952 in Arnprior - getting close to 72 years. My first horse was terrible almost enough to make you quit. I never got hurt on him but I seen a lot of country I didn't want to see.


Second horse first training job 1954. An untouched standard bred stallion he was 2 and had never seen a halter. I traded for him the day I got him I rode him no buck no run away made him into a race horse sold him for big money.


Although I was young I had good success with every horse I rode. I stayed at it through the 50's .


In 62 I joined the RCAF. FIRST posting was in Ottawa, so I was home often to help my dad who  was now in the horse business, then I transferred to Goose Bay Labrador. I was home a lot and  helped Dad train race horses.


In ,1967 I got my dream transfer to Comox BC. Within A very short time I knew all the horse guys. I started calf roping then and started accumulating horses my idea has always been "you got to ride a lot to be good"  & I wanted to be a good trainer. I had my own facility stable round pen &  arena that my friends wife and family helped to build. I bought sale horses retrained and fed them to make good horses.


I rode every night until I couldn't see .


Made some money made some nice horses. In 1975 we divorced I lost every thing except my children stayed riding for others.


1978 returned home, bought a horse one night in a bar and I never slowed down until last year.


Now I am retired at 81 with 70 + years of experience and excited to be given the chance to help others .


My long time friend Lee Bandy was looking for a teacher - I applied.

l am not a horse whisper but what I do works or we try again.



Gary's Objective

Besides to help create "The Ultimate Wild Destination Shopping Experience for Horse Tack" is to teach others how to ride and be great horse owners.


Gary's Goal

to be valued and of value in his horsemanship efforts.

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